Cry Out Loud!

I never counted the number

In fact they are beyond countable!

The silent tears, rolled down my cheeks

Never allowed me to cry out loud!

They were with me in good and bad times

They shared with me my joys and sorrows

But the silent tears,

Never allowed me to cry out loud!

All through this many years

My anguish and my frustration

My anger and my irritation

They silently bear with me!

Listening to my heartfelt stories

Some short and some lengthy

Unconditionally they accepted me!

They cooled my burning heart

They chilled my fuming thought

All through my life’s experiences …

They hugged me with their warmth!

They never allowed me to

Yell at someone, scream at something

Never shown the world what is my suffering

The silent tears...silently hold me!

They engulfed me in all the stages

Pacified my soul in this chaotic world!

Alas... my silent tears

Never allowed me to cry out loud!

 (For Poets United: Verse First ~I Cried Out)


Kim Nelson said…
The restraint illustrated here is clear and sad in so many ways. Thanks for sharing at Verse First.
Sherry Blue Sky said…
I kept my tears in too, for a lifetime. And then my dog died, and I cried for two years! I can relate to the feelings expressed in this poem. Tears will eventually come out, as they need to do:)
slow learner said…
allow tears to come out,it makes heart light n also cleans eye.

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