Life is always a winner...

It was my birth day... yesterday
As the day came to close adding one more year to my head
I started doing some serious thinking

How life sucks us slowly
Moment by moment
Day by day
Year by year

Do we celebrate…because we could successfully complete one more year
Do we celebrate…because we are closer to the finishing line by one more year!

Though both appear similar in some sense…they are two different approaches towards life!

As far as I am concerned…the second option seems more opt.
I am really eagerly waiting to reach the so called finishing line…THE END!

Because when I look back…I have always done all things in my life….
so quickly…compare to any average. 

So why not now also….maintain the track record!

More importantly…because…
The more I live, the more I realize how smoothly, like a knife cutting a slice of butter,
Life cuts and takes all the ingredients from me one by one…without any hint…without any noise!

Alas how cleverly it handles us…makes us fools all the time…never letting us know that…we are becoming fools.

Whether its heads or tails…
Life is always a winner

One day you have to surrender yourself to it
So why not make peace with it
The earlier the better

Just accept the fact
And stop fighting!
Sounds a bit weird?
But for me …it’s the best option!


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