Rains bring down

All the heavens

Soak me in fertile shower

Reap in me bountiful verve

Words bring down

All the feelings

Poem germinates from woven thoughts

Registers my plentiful drive

Love brings down

All the postures

Your presence emanate my true self  

Life becomes… worth alive

 For Poets United, Verse First : 3 Obsessions (rains, poetry, my love)


slow learner said…
i have recently come across ur blog,i find it very interesting as ur thoughts are versitile with love and passion,this also is example, how beautifully u combine all three as all are percived to be expression of love.keep it up.
Anonymous said…
Very sweet obsessions to have. Truly the worth in life is love - nice
Justin Huskey said…
Indeed. What obsession is greater than loving and being loved in return? Excellent piece, and thank you for sharing.
juzta mom said…
Loved the title and the poem :)
Thanks for this offering. Much to glean from your obsessions!
Sherry Blue Sky said…
Rain, poetry and love......great combination of favorites.
Captivating & beautifully written!
PT said…
Wow, wow, wow....sounds so great to hear from so many of you. Thanks!
Kim Nelson said…
Utterly gorgeous! Your obsessions are positive, upbeat, uplifting. A pleasure to read!

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