Life has been always a loop....

Life is nothing but a circle

From nowhere to everywhere


From everywhere to nowhere

From ignorance to omniscience


From omniscience to ignorance

Life has been always a loop

Tying you from all segments


Freeing you from all relations

Making you all important


Obliterating your very existence

Life has always been a round

From ephemeral to eternal


From eternal to ephemeral

From atomic to universal


From universal to atomic

Life has been always a chain

Trapping you…in its very core

Taking you…along its chore

Life has always been a spin

 (For One Single Impression, Prompt:CIRCLES)


Od Liam said…
Glad to meet you PT!

It is a nice way to find your tail, that is, your limits and borders.

Deep if you dive into it!

Pleasant if you look with mirth in your eyes!

I like it!

Od Liam

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