There was never a worth memory

Than etching you in my heart

There was never a worth moment

Than spending time with you

There was never worth an achievement

Than sharing my success with you

You have changed many names

You have changed many faces

You have changed many places

You have changed many phases

But… let me tell you dear friend

You are always an integral part of my life!

There is no better person…

Than a friend on this Earth!

The friend....
Who will enter into our life…

Without any conditions

Who will share our joys and sorrows…

With equal élan

Who will be just beside you…

In each moment of the day...

Thanks seems to be a very little word to say


Let me tell you my dear friends…

On this Thanksgiving Day

Life wouldn’t be this wonderful

Without you all

You will be always there in the core of my heart

With the same love and affection

As you were…during all these days!

(For Poets United, Poetry Pantry # 177)


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