You become me …I become you

The hills and the valleys

The deserts and the grasslands

The rivers and the deltas

The waves and the shorelines

Never knew…until …I met you

Everything is part of you

Everywhere you reside  

Love embeds all the nature

The heightened passions

The contemplative thoughts

The converging consciousness

The stand still moments

You become me …I become you

In the realm of our love

Emerging new landscape

Life becomes us

 (for Poets Unites, Verse First ~ The Body Becomes The Landscape)


Jyotsna Bhatia said…
Beautiful verses !! Power of love, I guess
Kathryn said…
Gorgeous, love this.
Kim Nelson said…
An elegy to connectedness and intimacy.
Suzy said…
So romantic. Beautifully expressed.
Anonymous said…
the appreciation can not be expressed in words,its too good.
Our photos said…
Nice photo!
Greetings, RW & SK

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