Trying to grab some life..

Running away from the world
Trying to hold life firmly!

World is not for me
Rather I am always for the world

It always seeks from me

Through a relation
Through a bond
Through a word
Through an act

It always demands me
It always commands me
Putting force from all sides
It always closes me

Life is always there
Standing at the corner of the world
Calling me with open arms
Life is always unconditional
Offering me all the pleasures

The wind, the sky
The earth, the water
Never asks me anything in return
Always embraces me with care   

From materialistic to altruistic
from this end to endless existance
Me..Running away from crowds

Trying to grab some life
Trying to have some peace
As time descends down the path
Me..Running away from crowds


Canary said…
Well expressed...

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