Me.....A Grain of Sand!

I don’t know what carried me

I don’t know what I am made of

I don’t know where my origin is

Simply lying with millions of other grains

I make this desert my place of living

I don’t know how long I have travelled

I don’t know how long I will sustain

Time is a wicked witch…
I know... it will break me further

I lose my shape…I reduce my size

After years of struggle all I become is

Nothing more than fine dust

But there is still a thing called hope…

May be sooner or later
May be some time in near future…..

The winds may blow in reverse gear

The winds may take me back to my source

May be I reach provenance I belong

May be I meet with my very own soil

The soil which is composed of me

The soil which is contained in me

May be I reach the destiny where I am

(For Poetry Jam: Deserts)


Sumana Roy said…
a beautifully hopeful the yearning of the grain....
Donna Smith said…
And like the grain of sand, we also will return to what is contained in us. Beautiful!
alan1704 said…
I like the way you bring this grain to life and share beauty in these words.
Peggy said…
What a fascinating approach to the prompt! I never thought about the world viewed from the perspective of a grain of sand! Beautifully done. Thanks for posting.
Susan Lindquist said…
ah ... approaching the place of diminishing means but infinite spiritual space ... that IS the mystery of life ... good write!

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