When I look under microscope......

Holding key to the past
They sit pretty at a place

Some windblown…some water flown
Some wear and tear…here and there
Withstanding for millions of years
Keeping all the record of nature

The rocks that are hard on the surface
Have many soirees locked within them

When I look under microscope
Faithful to the core...testimony to time
The tiny minerals reveal to me
All those stories with beautiful textures

Never think it’s just a stone…handle them with care
Mother earth herself dwells in these rocks!

 Poets United: Midweek Motif ~ Science


Susan said…
Finding the key of value in rock, in macro and microcosm--a very fine poem!
Laurie Kolp said…
The rocks that are hard on the surface
Have many soirees locked within them

Wow... powerful.
Sherry Blue Sky said…
I LOVE this reminder of the beauty and intricacy of rocks..............I am a huge rock fan, so this poem really speaks to me. For years, I gathered heart shaped rocks, which I found everywhere.
Uppal said…
A Beautiful Poem!
Anonymous said…
Love it! Just as important as it is not to forget the big picture, is it to not forget the small things. Beautiful!
PT said…
Thanks for all those good words....being a petrologist...I really love to see them with all their beautiful colors-textures
Sumana Roy said…
I adore the last line....superb..
Anjum Wasim Dar said…
Each piece of rock tells a story carries a value and reveals the truth...beautiful poem

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