Take a Holiday.....

Keeping heart in closet

We begin the week with clock

Long hauls of work

Tight schedules...mighty tasks

Everything is bound by time


Food is in the fridge...take out and eat

Feeling sleepy…good night dear

Yah sure…I will listen tomorrow

Bye honey take care

We tack meek… we walk the clock

We miss the sun sets

We miss the cloudy sky

We skip the cool breeze

Bothering about the worldly things

Sitting inside closed walls

We miss everything that really makes our world.....

Family… friends…Parents… children

Come soon dear…

It’s time for home coming

Take a break from the routine

It's time for family unite

For Poets United :Midweek Motif ~ 
Holy Days and Holidays


Mary said…
Yes, so true. We do need to take a break sometime and enjoy those holidays.
Susan said…
Your argument for holiday is so clear! Have one soon when you need not walk the clock!
Sherry Blue Sky said…
YES! Visiting family is so important. Time for homecoming - lovely line.

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