Survival of the Fittest

Life come across with so many people
Some compatible…some incompatible
Making ties through moves on

Some form strong ionic bonds
Some tied just by Van Der Waals forces
Making relations en route…it goes on!

Unless some critical situation arrives
We can’t tell…who will remain with us
Who leave us behind and go

Never trust the charge
Never estimate the valence
Sometimes with the change of atmosphere
The compatible becomes incompatible
The reaction goes reverse

Yes…you should be aware of thermodynamics
Reaction always proceeds to attain equilibrium
Leaving aside some relict …new phases form

Yes…you should accept Darwin’s theory
Survival of the Fittest…
Without evolution…life can’t continue!

(For Poets United Poetry Pantry # 197)


humbird said…
Yes, we meet different people...and time tests them..~ yet, .evolution, dynamic of life, our choices attract 'our' right people~ love the poem
Brian Miller said…
sadly survival of the fittest means those that have the most
take out those with least...

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