Many Many Happy Returns of the Day!

I never knew...till I met you

Life's varied spheres

Each with so much verve

Each with so much nerve

Maybe I am exaggerating the things

A bit too much

Maybe things were like this earlier also

But let me tell you dear

You gave different outlook to me

You gave different approach to me

With your presence my dear...

You gave different lease to me!

The beauty of life

The joy of love

The frenzy of feel

The  flurry of chuckle

The art of listening

The flair of explaining

The ability to understand

The capability to judge

All these credentials

Maybe they were there

But certainly dear...

You metamorphosed me!

Keeping my original composition intact

By giving right warmth and shove

You changed my texture

You changed my disposition

You made me a new person

More sensible...more adapted

To the new environment

In which I was an alien

You made me from a stranger to an innate

In my very own world

In my very own life!

Thanks Buddy....

For being there....

And making my world more special

Just by being in it!

What else can  I say

Many Many Happy Returns of the Day!


Anonymous said…
what an expression of feelings-marvelous,every word is measured one.the person is truly blessed,but, i have a question--does anyone is like this?
anyway ur too good n deserve the best of everything.keep it up.
SuyashJ said…
this was very sweet

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