Nothing lasts forever....

You keep breaking my heart
I keep gathering be in one piece

You never realize the very essence of love
I never memorize what you did last time

Our saga of break-ups and patch-ups continue...

You take love for granted
I take life for granted

But let me tell you dear
Nothing lasts forever....

Even the sustainability has a limit
By the time you realize and look back

Love will sublimate ... I will evaporate

You remain in isolation.... 
Consolidating where you went wrong!

(To all men, who dont realize the value 
of love of the woman in their life)   


Anonymous said…
I wrote something similar yesterday..
surprised to see this post today..take care..
Björn Rudberg said…
There are such men - and probably some women too.. They usually end live among the shattered pieces of their soul.
Susan said…
Gee! At first this poem seems like a plea , then a warning--but finally, it feels as if the deed is done. A fast ride in a meaningful journey.
Sherry Blue Sky said…
"I keep gathering courage to be in one piece". I have made that trek myself, it is like walking a precarious cliff, at the mercy of the brave, fellow pilgrim. It will be as it will be, and that is the sad truth. Would that all could be well!
lovely blues in love concept,

it is like weather, we can not predict, but we can observe and enjoy it when it is sunny.

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