Thought raises a hope

Mind raises a thought
Thought raises a hope

Holding the torch of faith
Bearing the heart of ardor
I march ahead amid chaos

Time is always tricky
Swings you across life
Sometimes up.. sometimes down

It doesn't matter,
As long as you are aware
Aware that....
Going down is go up

Never bother ...with sinking thought
Thought dwells in the ocean of mind
Let the thought sink to get you a pearl of hope
May be a pearl of peace or a pearl of joy

All within you...deep within your mind
Let the thought sink...let the hope raise
Let the life get its due of pearls
Let the thought sink...let the hope raise

For Poets United: Poetry Pantry #234




Jae Rose said…
There is a lovely flow to this - like a ticking clock....time maybe hard to understand but sometimes to follow it is to become more aware of it's wiles ..and ourselves
Gabriella said…
A strong poem. Hope is the source of all things positive.
humbird said…
'Going down is go up' ~ how it happens interestingly in life: we're evolving through challenges, which not always seen in positive light, especially by side observers...Nice rhythm in your lines.

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