Remembering you....

Looking at you…I have learnt what all I have learnt
What all I am today is because of you
You have never given any sermons
You have never kept any rules
But always you stood as an example
With your explicit behavior
With your enchanting passion
With you admirable compassion
With your admissible order
I never realized till your departure
How precious were the moments we spent together
How god is bestowed me with your presence in my life
In fact it’s you who gave me this lease of life
Father you are dear to me for more than thousand reasons
The simplest reason being the truthfulness of you
You are the best thing to happen in my life
You gave me life full of your character forever
Father you gave me a blessing of being your daughter forever

Poet'sUnited Midweek Motif ~ A Man's Day


Susan said…
Beautiful tribute and gratitude poem--precious moments indeed.
Sherry Blue Sky said…
A wonderful tribute. You are fortunate to have had a father like him.
hyperCRYPTICal said…
A wonderful tribute indeed. Beautiful words of a beautiful man.
Anna :o]
Sumana Roy said…
the blessed moments of your life deeply touch us...a wonderful tribute to your father...
Mary said…
Wonderful tribute to your father, PT. Sometimes we really don't fully appreciate until they are gone!
humbird said…
Great tribute to your father, and teaching by example - what can be better!
Jae Rose said…
I can only echo the others in saying what a wonderful tribute this is :)

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