What to say....

Looking beyond the four walls
Stretching beyond my view
I often feel stressed to decode you

It’s not that you are unique
It’s not that you are indefinable
Yet you make me intriguing…
By your mere thoughts

I feel I know you better than anyone else
But sometimes I feel… so ignorant about you
You are so close yet so distant to me
You are so full of love yet so detached with me

You are one such part of life…like breath
I can’t see... but only feel…
Life becomes blurred vision without you

Yes…I know you are not part of me
But just like those lenses …that gives me the clear picture of the world
You are the window for me to see the colors of the rainbow

You have painted the canvass of my time
With the moments of your presence!
But now…Life is just black and white without you.....
My friend!


Berowne said…
A beautiful sentiment, well expressed.
Karen S. said…
Oh I know the feelings of what you right here, excellent how you put it, and how strange the feeling is when just when you think you know someone, they show you an entirely new side!
Helena said…
This is the best poem with most depth and feel to it I've read so far...! Well done!
Bekkie Sanchez said…
Excellent write! I think I agree with Helena! Bravo!

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