Woo.. Men

They choose me…whom they want.

In any form on any day

They are so liberal you see

They decide…who I want to be….

So much importance they give

Seldom have they allowed me to do anything

They just make me to sit and watch

They say we are equal…

Only in case of inputs…

The outputs are never equal by any means

They make the rules and we follow the rituals

Centuries are gone by…

Acts and actions….Nothing could change the thinking

Men are men…

Women remain Wo.men….

Just an ante fact to Woo.. Men

(After hearing about Nirbhaya's Documentary, I think I don't have the courage to see it)

(For Poets United: Poetry Pantry # 242)


Björn Rudberg said…
The fact that these men open their mouths and so totally think that they have the right is sickening.. I hope that they are a minority...
Mary said…
I am sure that the documentary is a strong one. Your poem gives a strong message as well!
totomai said…
Also saw the documentary India's Daughter and some have twisted mines.

You have a very powerful piece here. not all men are the same though

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