They say an idel brain is Devil’s Workshop
But as I observe myself, quit often I found that
Even when I am not idel, my brain is a Devils Workshop!

It can’t be kept at rest in spite of all my trials and tributes..
So, now a days I stopped doing the stupid thing of controlling it.
I allow it to wander on its own…
Either I just observe it or follow it…
And I think that is the best way to make peace with myself.

It has got lot of positive attributes to it!
As long as you don’t involve yourself …..
In all the matters that are going on in your workshop…
You are at complete peace!
Bonus…. you will learn a thing or two.

It’s all matter of time and space…
How much time you spend for an incident
How much space you give for that incident
It’s all the matter of your Devils Workshop!

Once you learn the art of detachment
Once you are capable of observing things
Just being neutral….
Once you can follow the things
Just by not getting involved…

You realize that you are at peace!!

Let the devil do its own thing
Let it do all permutations and combinations
To resolve a thing or
Evolve a theory….

You just be a mere spectator…
Don’t just tangle yourself into
Unnecessary complications.
Be an observer
Be a follower
Learn the art of living….


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