what makes you love?

We all describe the things either by quantity or quality
Most of the things may be classified using either of these terms.

So, what about love?
Can we quantify love?
Large…medium…small.. according to performance?
I don’t think so….

Then what about quality of love?
Can we do grading?
Good.. better.. best…according to perfection?
I don’t think so….

Can we make a generalized scale and
fix these terms for every one’s love?
Or for that matter, at least for love of one person?
I don’t think so…

It is not an easy task to fix the terms for love..
Because love is not a static element
It is very dynamic by nature

Actually it is not a big problem even if you don’t
understand what is the quality or quantity of love
you are involved with…

The basic problem is to understand why you love
Why you love a particular person(s)….

We all know that… a person is nothing but
Made of certain features…certain qualities….

Then why it is not so that
We love every one having similar qualities/ features?
Why our love is person specific?

What makes you to tickle when you see a particular person
Is there really any magic involved in the word called love?

Is that because we like the qualities/ features… we love the person
Is that because we love… we like the qualities/ features of the person

I am really confused…not yet arrived at any conclusion

Hope to get some clues in near future…

Till then just loving………


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