I think we all feel,
At least on few instances in our life……that
We can do nothing about the situation,
We remain quite helpless….
We become quite hopeless and
We readily accept the defeat
We decide that ..can’t play any further
We start believing that this is …the end of the game
We surrender ourselves completely to the situation.

What makes us to think so?
Why we become so vulnerable at certain times?
Why we stop fighting?
Why we don’t want to face the situation?
Why we think that this is it…no other way around..
Why we think to say …“I QUIT”

Is there anything in the world...
that is more worth than life?
Why can’t we look at life in its totality?
Why we give so much importance to any one incidence?
Why we think in terms of big or small?
Why we categorize it as simple or complicated?

There can be always some aspect of life which is challenging..
There can be always a relation which you can’t change..
There can be always a situation which you can’t handle..
There will be always an instance when you no longer can hold hope..
There will be always a moment when you no longer can look forward..

But does that mean that…. It’s the end of the day?
Does that gives so much pain that we forget rest of the world?
Why can’t we count on our rest of the blessings?
Why can’t we see at the other things life is offering?

Anything, for that matter everything, of this world is changeable
Every aspect of the world is so unpredictable

Still we all have a belief that …..
Some things are going to remain the same
Some incidences are never going to happen
Some situations won’t arise in our life time…
How foolish we are…that
We forget to understand the very nature of life……
It’s ever evolving nature….

We become so rigid at times…
We want to control the time..
We keep seeking only blessings all the time
We forget that… is an amalgam
We have to have all the things it’s having
The good and the bad things..
The ugly and the beautiful things..
The happy and sad things……
And finally,
The expected and unexpected things…

We have to make ourselves ready..
To face the challenges it throws..
To solve the problems it gives…
And above all…….
To resolve ourselves……..
To say “DON'T QUIT” ..and go ahead
Because ……. life is a continuum!!!!!!


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