What If?

Have you ever thought? What if….?
If you have to face the worst situation of your life?
The answer is simple….You will learn the lesson of your life time!!!

Many a times we hear that… a person, almost gone case
had a miraculous escape… from death…
We call it destiny…he/ she still has life to his/ her credit…so he/she is alive.
A person almost lost everything in life
rises to riches just by an incident
We call it destiny…he/ she still has luck to his/ her credit…so he/she flourished.

Then why that particular thing should happen to him/her at all?
Why the one who has gone so close to death is
relieved of that pain at the end?
why the one who has seen the worst of his life
relieved of that problem at the end?
Have you ever thought?

Till yesterday I have also not got an opportunity to think in that line
But when you face the worst
You will learn the best…..
So yesterday it happened with me and
I have learnt the lesson of my life ….

If everything is going so perfect
We take our life so for granted…
Seldom do we realize the importance…
The importance of a thing… a person…a place…. an act

We become rather ignorant of what is that makes our life
What is that we ultimately want to achieve in life?
What is the thing in which we strongly believe in life?
We forget what is our destination….
We ignore the importance of destiny….

Then such worst things happen in our life…
Which teach us a lesson…
Which makes us aware!!!
God gives us a chance to become alert…
He makes us awake!!!!

So it’s his way of giving lesson…
It all depends on how you interpret it
How you integrate with it…
What you learn from it
How you apply it your life
How you use it to fulfil your life.

So, never ever ignore a worst situation,
you have to face in your life.
That is a God sent message to you
Read it.. understand it…apply it to your life….

Life definitely won’t be the same..
Once you pass through the incidence
It will be definitely brighter

Good Luck…..


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