Last night I was just thinking.. why do we love?
rather why to love anybody at all?
Why we involve ourselves so much in a relationship called love?
What makes us to keep loving? etc…etc…
Then I started counting what all the things love brings into our life…
Creativity, passion, emotion, sentiment, anguish, happiness …
the list goes on….

Probably all the kind of feelings one want to experience can be
experienced once they are in love.
So, definitely love is a good thing, rather a profitable thing
to happen in one’s life.
You learn so many lessons just by paying for one thing.

The next thing I started thinking was how love begins?
I don’t want to discuss the intricacies but, yes,
I believe that, its wholly depends on the person involved..
The particular person is 100% responsible for generating
the feeling called love and all the things attached with it.

The next thing that came to my mind was… where love leads?
Why and when the problem comes in love?
This could be because of one or more of the following reasons...

1. When you involve yourself completely in love…
2. When you start thinking that it’s your life…
3. When you start believing that it makes or breaks your life.
4. When love brings an attachment tag along it.
5. When you start behaving possessive
6. When you become obsessive..

So, what is the solution for this problem?
How to enjoy love in life…
The answer is very simple…

My dear… when you are in love..
Rather when you experience love in your life,
Try to love only the love, not the person!

You enjoy the feeling called love!
Experience all the things it gives you!
Learn all the lessons it teaches you!

Do keep loving……but,
Only “love for the sake of love”….nothing else
Not the person , not the thing…
Enjoy the love in its totality…
Not in compartments…

Just love………for sake of love…
Love all the way!!!
Live all the life!!!


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