Today morning I came across with a quotation by Dale Carnegie
“People rarely succeed unless they have fun in what they are doing”
I was just thinking to find out the most important criteria that differentiates
A successful person from an ordinary person.

I am not talking about materialistic success….
Success which is estimated by name, fame, wealth etc…etc...
I am talking about success as a person, success as a human
So many things came into my mind….but all appear somewhat superficial.

What is something unique to successful people which make them stand tall among the crowd…
And I think its “FLEXIBILITY”……and not “having fun in what they are doing” as Dale Carnegie said.

You may laugh at my interpretation but….
I strongly believe that unless a person is flexible to people associated with him/her, flexible to surroundings, flexible to situations and more importantly flexible to opportunities,
It’s not possible to be successful in life.

It’s not that you have to always do something great to become great among your group.
It may be a very small gesture….
Nodding the head at right time or greeting the person in right manner
Lending a helping hand in hour of need or supporting them at the moment of crisis.

How you reciprocate, how you interact, how best you can
make use of the very moment of your life into a positive moment …
A moment of achievement ….a movement of success….
It all depends on how flexible you are.

If you fix norms for everything and do things conditionally
Chances of you becoming successful are far from remote.
Give scope to others…approach them with flexibility
Nobody is perfect…nothing is bigger than being satisfied….
Being in peace with yourself.

You can be satisfied and successful …in life...
When you can accept people with both their positive and negative aspects
When you can make an open approach without any prejudice
When you can accept them with little flexibility…

What do you say???????????


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