Life Is Calling……….

Yesterday my friend reminded me that “you are one short of century”!
He was talking about number of my blog posts.
This morning someone told me that “today is great Abdul Kalam’s birthday”!
We should thank him, celebrate, etc. etc.

So, I just started thinking… is there really so much significance to
A particular number or a particular day.
Or is it that, just we are making them so significant,
Without bothering about the core value.

If number 100 is significant why can’t be number 99?
And by all means, it looks more beautiful and more rhythmic.
Why we are particular about celebrating silver jubilee or diamond jubilee
Instead of celebrating when we are really, whole heartedly jubilant.

Why we want to celebrate a marriage day or friendship day?
Why is that we are allocating only one day in a year to celebrate marriage?
Whereas a marriage ….living together with the “life partner”
Should be a 24x7, 365 days celebration.

Why is that we require a day to celebrate friendship?
Whereas friendship is a…..Lifelong festival.
I prefer to have a friend next to me when
I am in crisis and require shoulder to lean on…
Rather than a friend with a beautiful greeting card
on friendship day!

Is it sufficient? if we just remember Mahatma Gandhi or Mother Teresa only on their birthdays?
Is it sufficient? garlanding their photographs, praise their achievements, and then continue our routine the very next moment?
Is there any meaning in all this drama we do, but never try to understand the value of their legendary life and try to imbibe little bit of their qualities?

Let us come out of this paraplegia,
Setting targets on numbers..
Focusing on particular days….

I think and I strongly believe that …
If you are able to do even a few good deeds …
Which satisfy all your senses….That’s success!
If you are able to spend even one good day with a dear one
Which brings world at your feet …..That’s heaven!!
If you are able to learn even a little bit from the lives of legends
Which you can put into practicality….That’s achievement!!!

Numbers and Days….it all for the history records,
It’s all for the past and dead…
Not for the living…
Look for quality in life …
Not for the quantity…..
Life is calling.....
Go indulge in life………


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