Have you ever thought?
How many times in a day/week/month/year you spend time
with yourself?
How long, since last time when you made a solo “soul journey”?
How much you give space to yourself in your life?

We hardly bother about these things
After all life is going at such a fast pace
Who has time to ponder about all these silly things.

Every day we have a fixed schedule….
Meet certain people, meet certain targets
Go office, come home …the day ends.

When everything is being practiced so perfectly
Why do we require a soul journey?
Why do we bother to enquire what it actually requires?
It’s a mere waste of time for many of us.

We all have learnt the art of manipulating
We all have learnt the art of compromising
We all have made a contract with life…
And we all follow the rules and regulations so faithfully.

We never realize what is meant by LIFE
We never feel what it takes to be alive….literally!!
We never bother to be a perfect humane
Because…. we always strive to be a perfect person
By doing so, we somewhere lose the contact with the soul
We somewhere lose the conscience….
We start living a mechanical life…

One may or may not realize at the right moment
Whether we have lived a meaningful life or purposeful life.

Before we end the journey called LIFE…
Rarely do we realize the actual worth of life…
We always look at life in a pragmatic view
We forget the very essence, the very quality of being humane

We seldom interact with soul
We seldom act consciously
We seldom enjoy life….
Enjoy the life in its own terms…
Not bound by any limits…
Not dictated by any terms…

Can we really live life to the fullest?
Can we do it? Yes we can….
If there is a will to make a pact with one’s soul
If one decide not to part with it
If one can give some time of the day
Some space of their life to themselves
If one can think with their heart before acting with their brain
Yes… one can, I can, You can, We all can….
Have a meaning full life….
A life which is worth living….

Let us give a try in that direction….
What do you say??


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