Some Silly Thoughts....

What is the reason which makes us attracted to certain people?
Why we give importance to them?
What is that makes them irreplaceable?
Whether it’s their character or it’s a reflection our very own character?

Off late, as I have observed, it’s seldom the first one.
Quite often it’s our inner instinct or urge that makes us connected to
certain people and reluctant to certain others.

Can we put all these actions and reactions into certain kind of neuron activity?
which gives positive signal to some persons and negative signal to some other?
It’s quite possible…there could be some kind of magnetic material in our brain….
which do processing of the signals, the very moment when we meet a person.

Because, time and again, though I tried my best to connect
with certain people I could not succeed till today,
there will be some repulsive force which always pulls me back.
At the same time there are certain persons in my life with
whom I got connected instantaneously.

The most fascinating finding about all this stupid discussion is
Probably this could be the reason why we stick to loved ones in spite of all their flaws
and can’t tolerate even the smallest mistake from the people whom we don’t like.

Because once we are attracted / connected with certain someone
there is hardly any scope of reversing magnetic property,
We attain the magnetism of either positive pole or negative pole
And then... continue with the acquired property...

What do you say?


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