Two To Tango….

There will be a certain kind of weak point/ weakness for every person,
Because of which he/she will remain faithful in a relationship.
It can be of any kind…husband-wife, parent-child,
friend-friend, boss-subordinate, neighbor-neighbor or
Sometimes even with a stranger.

We try our best to be in certain boundaries to
Maintain a particular relation, it can be willingly or un willingly.
We all do that …either because of responsibility or because of obligation.
We all do that....either because we value the relationship or because we are in compulsion.

Exceptions are always there….
Definitely there will be certain relationships
which we want to have....
We want to have them whole heartedly….
Because of the person involved.
I am not talking about such relations.

I am talking about general relationships where
the problem comes when one of the people involved
In a relationship forget the value of the relationship,
Under estimate the effort being put by the other person
to maintain the relationship and
Finally take the relationship itself for granted.

The problem comes when one just try to exploit the other one,
Based on his/her, weak point/weakness….
Never realizing that once you are attempting to exploit the person
Based on the very weak point which balanced
the relationship so far
There is every possibility of weak point becoming
the breaking point.

The weakness no longer remains the binding force
Rather it becomes the repulsive force.

It becomes easy for them to walk away without any hesitation
and You are giving them an opportunity;
you are making them free….
You yourself are giving them a chance to become strong.

Never experiment with the weakness of the people….
Weakness never means surrendering…….
Rather it’s a kind of amendment.
Value a relationship, value a person….
Because it always requires two to Tango….

What do you say???


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