Keep Going…..

I just returned from a short trip to Mammalapuram.
Travelling is a passion for me,
If possible, I just want to go around the world before
I leave the planet Earth.

Any kind of travel performed….
Whether it is short or long term or
Whether to known or unknown place,
Whether it is planned or unplanned or
Whether I liked or disliked ….
Every journey I made is having its own kind of experiences,
and as I observed,
Whenever I made a journey, I have always grown as a person.

When you travel you have an entire sphere of time,
That is unique, which is exclusive to that particular place.
You meet new people, see new places,
Experience new things, learn some new lessons and …
There is an ample scope for you to look into yourself
much more leisurely, much more differently,
Much more widely, much more vividly…. than your routine.

So, my dear friends ….Never miss an opportunity to travel,
Never miss the chance to see life in a different perspective

Keep going places…explore and experience ….
Life definitely holds much more in store for you…


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