Just Like That....

At some or other point of life every one of us will realize that..
We all came into this world as a single entity
And we leave the world also as… single entity!

Then why we struggle so much to maintain the relationships?
Why we attach ourselves to certain persons?
Is it because we are not aware of the fact? or
Is it because we know, but don’t want to understand and apply it.
The latter may be more correct and appropriate reason.

It is not that we don’t have realization..
In fact we all know pretty well that …
We came all alone to this world and
One day we leave all alone
But does this stop us to live unattached?
Without any commitment…

If at all we can live such kind of life
Can it still be called life?
How can we live without any emotions?
sentiments, feelings, reasons and above all…
Relations, who fulfill the very thing called life.

All of us keep ourselves engaged with some kind of occupation…
Some kind of attachment in the name of all kinds of relations
Father-mother, brother-sister, husband-wife, son-daughter,
They all make up our life…we require all these tag lines
To finish the main theme called life.

At the end of the day no one is ours, yet
At every moment we depend on one or the other.
So there is no way out here in this world..
No amount of realization will help you to overcome
These worldly attachments…

Because at the end of the day…..
We are just humans…….
And I think that is the greatest realization one can make.

What do you say?


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