Survival of the Happiest

Today some one gave me a sermon
“Always be happy”….because it's survival of the happiest

May be its true to some extent….
Unless until you believe in yourself and
Try to be happy with what you have
You can’t sustain life!

There is a song in Telugu…
Navvinaa edchinaa kanneelle vastaye….
(Whether you cry or laugh…you will get tears only from your eyes!)

So, if we have to shed tears anyways...
Why not resolve to make those tears...”ఆనందభాష్పాలు”?(happy ones)
Why not resolve to laugh even at our problems?

Have you not heard that number from Dosti…?

रही मनवा दुःख की चिंता क्यों सताती है
दुःख तो अपना साथी है?
सुख थो एख छाव डलती ...आती है जाती है
दुःख तो अपना साथी है?

So go on....BE HAPPY


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