I Will Be Happy...

Today morning I heard a conversation of a friend of mine, with one of my colleagues.
On inquiry of my colleague “how are you”?
My friend replied “I am quite happy and I will be happy”

Beaming with energy, sparkling eyes and a mischievous smile!
Really my friend is glowing…Glowing with confidence!

The confidence, perhaps brought by the determination…
The determination to be happy!

I always heard that “you are and YOU ONLY ARE responsible for your happiness!
May be many people know that…a few may understand that….
But certainly … rarely one can practically achieve that!
Being happy….irrespective of the surroundings!

It’s nothing but…adhwaitha!

There is one song in Telugu
From the classic film Shankaraabharanam

అద్వైత సిద్ధికి , అమరత్వ లబ్ధికి..గానమే సోపానము

But…Now after seeing my friend…
I want to change it….

అద్వైత సిద్ధికి , అమరత్వ లబ్ధికి.. దైర్యమే సోపానము!

Great going dear continue….


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