How can I miss you?

How can I tell you…?
I miss you!!
Missing is a stupid word
With reference to you!

How can I miss you?
When will I realize that…?
Love should not be personified

Love is a state of mind
When you are in love…
It's...just…the simple, superb…love

Loving entitles for only love
Isn’t it stupid to think?
I miss my love

Which is part and parcel of me?
Which will live with me
Which will die with me!!

Why to bother about whom I love
When god has bestowed upon me
The greatest thing one can have
The love....that means a whole world to me!!


Bhavana said…
Agree!!! We often get lost in whom we love, what we love, how we love. We forget the joy and beauty of being in love, staying in love, feeling that pulsating through is so beautiful!!!

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