Yes....I am imperfect!

After observing people around me for quite a long time
I came to a conclusion that…..
Most of the problems/tensions crop up…because of perfectionism
The problem is not with others…
The problem is with us!

We always strive to be perfect…with others
In all the capacities we are entitled!

We forget that it’s not possible
It’s not possible for us to be
A perfect parent
A perfect spouse
A perfect child
A perfect friend
A perfect colleague
A perfect neighbor….
The list goes on!!

We always give priority to project ourselves as …
A perfect person with all good qualities!
We know it’s quite an impossible task to deliver
All the people’s needs all the time!!

Then why to struggle…till the end of the life
To be a good wife/husband
To be a good daughter/son
To be a good relative/friend

Why to prove a point to anyone…
Why to acquire anyone’s certification
Why to try.. to be perfect
Why gather unnecessary tension

Accept that you are not perfect
Accept that you are an average human

Just try to find the right way to finish the so called journey of life

Realize one is Mr. Perfect!
And in that “no one”….
Count yourself too!!

If the people around “REALLY” love you


SJ said…
beautiful post :)

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