“Love is blind”

In my recent conversation...
I heard someone uttering….
“Love is blind”

It’s not that I am hearing it for the first time!
But whenever I hear… it prompts me to think…is it true?

With my observations of people around me who are in love
With   my own experiences with the thing called love….
I firmly believe that love is not blind!

In fact, I always feel that…

Love is one thing which takes you to the all new territories!
Love is one thing which opens up for you all new avenues!!

Love increases the sensitivity of your heart
Love enhances the sensibility of your thought

Love gives you confidence to face the adverse
Love gives you strength to face the arduous

Love is one thing…
That brings…

Swiftness in your walk….
Sweetness in your talk
Sparkle in your eyes….
Brightness on your face

Love is one thing which prompts you to keep up the pursuit
The pursuit called life!

Never ever blame love…
It’s not the one thing which makes you blind

Rather it’s the one and probably only thing...
Which opens up you as a true person and as a true human being!!

What do you say?


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