Making a Mountain out of a Molehill

Yesterday I met a person and after an interaction with him

I realized that...there are two sets of people around us…

The first set….

Who see the positive aspect of a thing done and the person involved

And say one or two good words in appreciation…

Or least they won’t criticize/ comment you either for what you have done or not done.

The second set…

Who always try to point out the negative aspect of a thing done and the person involved.

Never satisfied completely…whatever you do

And say something is lacking on your behalf.

If you think…

It doesn’t matter.... its well and good…

But, quite often its not so...
If you really think the impact of that….it matters a lot!

You put all your sweat and thought….and still people try to point out something not done …

Like... making a mountain out of a molehill!

All your energies get drained and your enthusiasm to do more will be derailed

So beware of such people…just avoid them as much as possible

Otherwise… once you realize their habit, just ignore them!

The more you try to please them….

The more criticizing they become

Never give them that chance!

Make a deal with people with positive approach

Then I am sure your life will be merrier

What do you say?


Anonymous said…
Hello fellow Haiku Heights writer.I have never been able to find a place to leave a comment in your haiku heights posts. This is fine if you aren't open to comments. But if you want comments from other readers, you may wish to alter your format so a comment box comes up. I found this plalce by typing "comment" in your search box. Sorry to intrude. All the best. Alice

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