When will men realize???????

Today morning when I was talking to my maid I realized
How so many women still suffer even on today’s date…?
People say that things have changed a lot and men and women are equal…
Domestic violence act….Dowry harassment case …that and this
But I feel still there are so many silent sufferers!

Today women may be more intelligent...more smart…more out spoken…
more educated more carrier oriented… and more aware…etc... etc...
But still they remain weaker sex compare to men.
Both physically and mentally!

They still look up to men for support...for companionship… for love and finally…to live their lives!
And I think that makes them weak…and men more strong!

And added to this…most men have one weakness!
They always try to show the world that they are more powerful

So…they resort either to emotional black mail or physical abuse of women to show that they are great!

When will men realize that women can be ruled by men…..
With one single weapon!
The weapon called love… (Most powerful than any nuclear weapon)

You love a woman sincerely…she herself will surrender to you!
And she will be pleased to be ruled by you for the life time!

I request many men who knowingly or unknowingly hurt the sentiments of a woman …..

Not to do that anymore!
Don’t give her unnecessary pain…in the form of rude behavior, rude manners and physical abuse!

It’s nothing less than a wild act…where one animal kill another!
(And I think they too won’t do it without a strong reason)

So men ….
Try to understand a woman in her terms
Just love her…before trying to rule her!


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