Today I am gifting you…. my life..


I thought I hold you tightly
Never allowing you to go!

But you have gone
Gone forever!!
And never came back!!!

Just like the sand from the
Spaces between the fingers
You slipped away quietly
Not making any announcement!!

You took all my moments
You stole all my pleasures
You grabbed all my treasures
And just ran away….

Leaving me just like a graveyard!
With all those symbols of the past!!
Resting in peace?

I am standing here amidst the dead
Untiringly trying to resurrect them

Never realizing that…
Once gone....TIME….
You are gone forever
With all my people
With all my love

Then why you still…
Allowing me this... "time"
Which has no meaning for me..

Today I am gifting you…. my life..
Before you steal!

So that at least now
I can win over you!


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