A Letter to you....Dear God!

Isn’t it silly that today I want to ask you why this is happening?

Because seldom I bother to put you same question…
When something goes/going just so perfect

I think we humans, 99.99999%, have this tendency...
Just to query you… rather blame you when something goes wrong

We never want to give you any claims when something good happens
Rather we take all the credentials!

But what to do…after all we all are your products!!

Your way of evolution has not yet developed us to think same….
In all the situations!!

It’s you who has given us all these feelings/ emotions ….sentiments/ relations

And one most khatar naak cheez….the thing called calculation!

We fools always strive to estimate a thing…in terms of profit and loss

We never realize…the actual meaning…the actual essence of life

You have come as Lord Shri Krishna and preached through Bhagavad Gita
You have come as Prophet Mohammed and gave sermon through Holy Quran
You have come as Jesus Christ and advocated through Holy Bible

But still we morons….look out for all these petty things
We run after…some vague ambitions/ desires/relations

And finally want to reach a peaceful destination
Isn’t it stupidity?

How can we seek peace from this world?
When it’s not there within us

But you see we are like this…
We can question only you…
Our Vidhatha...

So…hear I am writing to you…
Whatever I feel

Because...unless I tell you
I won’t be relieved

Thanks for patience listening!


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