Long back with my experience I have given a statement….
“Love is conditional”…. (It still holds good)

After critically analysing for the past four decades or so
With different set of people and different set of relations
Existing around me….
Today I came to arrive at a different attribute of love

“Love is momentary”…..

You may look at me confused
For giving this kind of statement…
Because, most of the time…
I preach…sing….express…nothing but love!

It’s all true….but only thing I want to insist is
In spite of all its characteristics…..
Love is momentary!

You can have it in a moment
The next moment it’s not yours
It belongs to you for a moment...
The other moment it’s not yours
It’s never ever going to be same throughout!
Today something/ someone made me realize that
Just like any other emotion…
Love too is temporary….momentary
There is nothing that sort of love…
Which can be called eternal!
Which can be named …janam janmon ka pyaar!

Love will change its shape and sizes…with time
Never is it going to be the same…
In intensity
In feeling
In passion
In strength
In everything it en composes in every relation

So expecting that will be your foolishness
The earlier you realize
The happier you will be in your life


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