Greatest asset of your life!

Sometimes life reveals its great lessons by simple means

Till yesterday I was under the impression that it’s a great thing being loved by a person
And greater thing than that is ….loving a person!

But today a conversation made me to realize that…
 Any  dumb person will be loved by someone or the other
And similarly...
Any damn person can love another person in this world!

There is nothing great about being someone’s love  or  loving someone!

I realized that…the greatest thing is not just loving….
But loving a person unconditional and being  loved by a person without any demands!

I know….if I ask all you people there…”who have experienced love”?
99.99% of people will raise their hands

But if I ask how much of love you got or gave is unconditional…..without any demands…in its tenure
Probably you all may start thinking!

If you follow conditions…fulfill their demands…..any idiot will love you
There is nothing great in it

But have you ever bothered to stop and think that….
Is there at least one person in your life
Who will understand and accept you with all your flaws
The one who will love you as you are

If you say yes………
Then congrats….
You have the greatest asset of your life!

Otherwise….take time … next time…
When you think about loving a person or being loved by a person
Don’t just assume you are in great love

Feel the difference of just being loved and
Loved by your dear one unconditionally

That makes a hell lot of difference
And if you have that kind of love by your side
You will win the world
And that love gives strength for you to even enter the hell

What do you say?


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