They call you …sleep cells
Fools they are!

In fact they sleep all the time
Never ever realizing…

What you do
When you do
How you plan
How you plant
How you execute

We can only do this…
Scream …weep
Go home to sleep

Everyone is ready with advice
Anyone can give suggestions
What’s the use?
All use less scrap!!

We are habitual for this
In fact…
We are entitled for this

This abuse of humanity
This kind of cruelty

Where we never mind of killing
Killing without reason
Killing the innocent

Of course I really have a doubt
Are we really innocent??

We are the ones who can act
As if nothing big has happened

We are the ones who can manipulate
Every bloody shit into sacrifice

We are the ones who can convert
All the dead into politics

Are we really innocent??

Keeping our lips tight
Holding our voice taut
Forgotten long ago
Where our hearts are left!!

Are we really innocent???


The Narcissist said…
All things truly wicked start from innocence.
-Ernest Hemingway

PT said…
Yah...it's true

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