You have to travel the rough patch …to enjoy the smooth ride!!

I don’t know how many of you try to analyze when you win
But, I think, certainly every one of us will analyze our defeat/loss.

Yesterday when I have lost in a simple game called “ANTHYAKSHARI” …in which I consider myself as a champ (I am the consecutive winner for the last 15 years in my office)

I started analyzing the game with my daughter (both of us were partners in the game played at our residential complex), where the errors occurred, who were right and who were wrong, the timing, the place where we have been seated, the songs chosen by us/others ….all those sort of things which I have never ever bothered in so many years when I have played the game.

When I was about to sleep really the analysis brought a smile on my face….
It made me to realize how foolishly I was thinking…
How foolishly I was trying to find reasons for losing…
How I was trying to pacify my wounded ego by finding errors, especially in others.

There may be 101 reasons for losing….but there won’t be any one specific reason to win
When you win …you never analyze anything else…
You think you are capable of winning
Winning definitely won’t tickle your brain cells as much as your defeat

It’s applicable to almost all the aspects of life
When everything is fine….you won’t realize the importance!
You have to travel the rough patch …to enjoy the smooth ride!!

So, from loss you will gain…
Actually, you will learn from your defeats…where you stand up in an arena called life

So, don’t be afraid of losing

It’s celebration time once I realized this aspect!

Hope you all got it right what I want to convey

Have a good day!


Anonymous said…
very well said-from loss you will gain.ur nearing perfection in life.

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