I know we are connected….

Who said we are apart

You are always close to my heart

Sometimes you take me high

Sometimes you keep me low

You make my mind a swing

With your eternal thought

Distances can’t part the souls

Miles are for those… who just want to pass

We may not hold the hands

But we are forever united

In this perpetual universe

I know we are connected….

Let the world think we are separate

World is for those….who just want to elapse

We may or may not live on this Earth

But we are intrinsic to this universe

We are not going to create any history

Because…history is for those…who are dead

We are the ones who are everlasting

In the hearts of those…who are in love! 

(for Poets United:Verse First ~We Are Interconnected)


Sumana Roy said…
love the last stanza....specially the way it connects with the hearts full of love........
Kim Nelson said…
The poem serves as a monument to love, doesn't it? Lovely thoughts and nice flow.
Margaret said…
"You make my mind a swing" Nice... but

I think of history as a bond, as a uniting... it IS what keeps the ones in my heart there forever :) So I was thrown a bit by that, but I think I get your perspective. :)
PT said…
Thank you Kim.....for that wonderful words!

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