From this end of the Life.....

When you left me

I realized the thing

“I can’t live without you”

I know…now it looks silly

All through…. I have tried hard

Always… I tried to push you aside

In fact… I never wanted you

But let me tell you


You are the one…

Who have always taken me ahead

In all my endeavours

In all the situations

In all my conflicts

In all the temptations

You elevated my senses

You elated my feelings

You enhanced my traits

You embraced my memories

I never realized

In fact you are part of me

The day I landed on this Earth

You took me into your arms

Showed me the path

Lead me through life

You never let me loose

You never let me pause


You are the one …

Who tuned my life

You are the one…

Who made me to rejoice

(for Poets United: Poetry Pantry # 169)


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