The Place I Love.....

I still remember the place

The warm sun… the cool breeze

The sea shore…where we met

I don’t know how…

But place definitely spells it's magic

Holding hand in hand

Walking down the beach

I don’t know when

Moments melted

Taking me into you

Making you part of me

I don’t know why

I never felt like that before

You conquered me with your adore

Your love became so dearer and armour

 (For Poets United : Verse First ~ The Places You Love)


Margaret said…
"I don't know when
Moments melted"

Fantastic line!
Sumana Roy said…

nice moments wonderfully captured........
Anonymous said…
momentous moments.
slow learner68 said…
very well crafted,simple words of true feelings.
Good reason to love that place!

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