Looking into the Microscope....

Looking unfazed

They gaze my look

They won’t change

But they change my view

Though they are in my contact

They remain intact

The shape …the relief

The color…the pleochroism

The cleavage …the extinction

The inclusions…their reflections

The twinning … the zoning

The deformation… the alteration

Mineral is always perfect…

Even in terms of imperfections

It always gives me clue

Why, when and how

It won’t change…

The combination may change

It’s my turn to see them again and again

Make complex process simple

It’s my turn to understand nature…

In it's own terms!

It’s my turn to follow the flow path

To get the mineral bonanza!

  (For Poets United, Verse First : Right Under Your Nose)


Laurie Kolp said…
Great take on the prompt!
Kim Nelson said…
Wonderful response to the prompt. I love reading contributions from poets with knowledge completely foreign to me. You both educate and entertain with this clever piece.
slow learner said…
its very interesting.though i dont understand the subject u deal with but it seems ur good in it and u can blend it with ur passion thats poetry.great.
PT said…
I work in Petrology Lab, where I study rocks and minerals under Microscope.
moondustwriter said…
ahh the life beneath the microscope you describe it well
Beth Winter said…
Beautiful. I often look at crystals when meditating, their steadfast qualities help center me. Lovely
Debi Swim said…
I agree with Kim. It is nice to gain a new understanding. This makes me want to learn more about crystals. Nice job.

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