Faith is....GOD!

Faith is stronger than steel

Mightier than the mountain

Faith builds on HOPE

Faith stands on PRINCIPLE

You never know the roots

You never know the reasons

It just crops up like that

But remains there for centuries

Get dissolved in the blood for generations

We pray...we bow...we obey

Faith is indestructible

Faith is sustainable

Faith is continuum

Faith is...nothing but GOD!

(For Poets United  Midweek Motif ~ World Snake Day)


Jae Rose said…
A strong chorus of a poem...firm and true..
Susan said…
WOW! It's as if the snake is the speaker, or being used by God to speak. Beautiful.
Sumana Roy said…
i love each step that ultimately reaches God...beautifully done PT
PT said…
Thank you Susan..for Hindus of India snake is one of many Gods they believe!
Sherry Blue Sky said…
A strong expression of faith. Well done!
Can't argue with any of that!

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