Never mind buddy....

Restless life ...aimless love

Heart thinks weird ...mind becomes wild

Seldom people understand you....

The way you want to be understood

Seldom people appreciate you...

At times you want to be appreciated

I don't know how God will frame the track

When life takes a trajectory

When love becomes momentary

Never mind buddy...march ahead solo

Never mind about mundane world

You don't require grading

You don't require bonding

Alone you face the world

Alone you make the world


Sumana Roy said…
Inner strength is a must while facing a hostile world and I like how the mind is slowly taking grip on that restlessness.."Never mind about mundane world" is my fav line here..
James Toma said…
a poem of empowerment. thanks for the encouragement. I dig your poem.
Sherry Blue Sky said…
This poem resonates strongly with me........empowering, yes!

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