You reflect some part of me ...

I understood the theory of light...

By seeing you

You reflect some part of me

You scatter some aspect of me

You absorb some facet of me

Yet you are so distinguished

I gave birth to you

But still it is an enigma

How being part and parcel of me...

You can be so different

With all that new vibration

All that novel frequency

And that swift velocity

But I guess...I know ...

You have to travel far more than me

You have to reach greater heights than me

You have to be far better than me

Let the life bestow all the good things

Let the life confer all the nice things

Let me see u in more pink of drive

Let me see u in more sink of life

Let me wish you my daughter

Many Many Happy Returns of The Day

(For Poets United:Poetry Pantry:210)


Sumana Roy said…
a wonderful birthday gift a daughter can dream of...a beautiful poem with a magical beginning...
Sherry Blue Sky said…
This beautiful poem of a mother's dreams for her daughter is the best gift you can give her - your love for and belief in her. Beautiful.
R.K. Garon said…
Very interesting piece. I enjoyed reading it.

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