Thoughts require.....

Thoughts become sluggish

They need some refinement

Thoughts become sleepy

They need some refreshment

Once in a while you change the place

Once in a while you change the angle

Thoughts become habitual

They require some stimulant

Thoughts become  mundane

They require some excitement

They require some momentous track
They require some change in course

Once in while you change the way you think

They require a new lease of life

(for Poets United :Poetry Pantry)


Mary said…
I like the philosophy in this, PT. We do have to challenge ourselves sometime....and look at things in a new / different way instead of the same old / same old.
Sumana Roy said…
Exactly...we need to be rolling to avoid gathering moss....very well said PT :)
Sherry Blue Sky said…
My thoughts definitely require all of these things right now....well expressed!
Torie said…
Yes! I love your words here. Writing in any form is the best way to make sense of our thoughts. That in itself is refreshing :)
Susan said…
Thoughts, people, governments, cars--you name it--what/who doesn't need to be refreshed when sluggish and unresponsive?

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